1.         The name of the club shall be the Ajax Tennis Club.




1.         The basic objectives of the club shall include the following:


(a)          To promote the sport of tennis in the Town of Ajax

(b)          To contribute to the community by fostering and promoting

            a healthy lifestyle through the sport of tennis

(c)          To provide a development program for junior members




1.            Membership shall be open to all persons as consistent with the policies of the Town of Ajax


2.            There shall be no restriction on the maximum number of members in the club.


3.            Any person who has made a significant contribution to the club may be designated an Honorary member for the current year upon the approval of the Executive.


4.            Membership period begins at date of registration and continues until March 31st of the following year unless membership is revoked by the Executive (Court play is from May to September)


5.            The membership of any person may be cancelled by the Executive for conduct considered prejudicial or detrimental to the club.  Fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis


6.            This is a community “Members Only” club. To go on courts members must be wearing issued shoe tags. The shoe tag is the member’s proof of paid up membership and the member may be challenged if not wearing it conspicuously


7.            Proper court etiquette, as indicated in Appendix “A” attached, must be followed at all times and failure to do so may result in the member’s playing rights being suspended.


8.            A member may invite the same guest up to 3 times per season without charge. After that the guest should be invited to take out a membership




1.            The club shall be governed by an Executive of no fewer than 5 members, elected annually for a term of 1 year:  The executive positions shall include, but are not limited to, a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator and Past President (ex officio).


2.            The Executive will be responsible for the general supervision of club activities including the collection of fees, arrangement of tournaments and social events, the purchase of equipment and the general upkeep of playing facilities.


3.            The Past President will act in an advisory capacity only, with no voting privileges.


4.            Any two members of the Executive, with the exception of the Past President, will be authorized to sign documents on behalf of the club upon approval of the Executive.


5.            The Executive shall be empowered to fill any vacancy that occurs, for any reason, in the Executive, during its term of office.


6.            Any one member may not retain the office of President for a period greater than 5 consecutive years.


7.            Any 3 members of the Executive, including the President or Vice President, shall constitute a quorum at an Executive meeting.


8.            Voting majority shall be a simple majority of Executive members present at a meeting.


9.            The Executive shall be empowered to appoint club members to supervise any club function, as it may deem necessary.


10.          Executive duties are as indicated in Appendix “B”




1.            The annual meeting shall be held before the end of September each year.


2.            Special meetings of the membership may be called at any time at the request of the Executive or at the request of any 10 members.


3.            At least 14 days notice shall be given to the general membership before holding  any  special or general meeting.


4.            A quorum at a general meeting shall consist of 20 members.


5.            A simple majority of members present is required to pass any motion, except a motion to amend the Constitution and Bylaws (see section on Amendments).




1.            Elections for Executive positions shall be held at the annual general meeting each year.


2.            The Executive may present a slate of proposed nominees for the available positions.


3.            Nominations may be taken from the floor at the meeting.




1.            The fees for membership will be determined each year by the Executive in consultation with the Town of Ajax


2.            Honorary members shall not be required to pay fees for the current year


3.            From the fees collected, the club will pay to the Town of Ajax, Recreation Department an amount as agreed in the annual contract between the Town of Ajax and the Club with the remaining fees being the Club’s operating funds



4.            The Treasurer shall be responsible for any disbursement of funds with the approval of the Executive.


5.            The club will maintain an account at any chartered bank or trust company.


6.            At the end of each club year, the Treasurer will prepare a financial statement of the year’s operations, to be presented at the next annual meeting.  This report must be approved first by the Executive


7.            Cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other Executive member with the approval of Executive






1.            Notice of any proposed changes to this Constitution and bylaws must be given to the general membership at least 14 days prior to discussion and voting on the changes at a general meeting.



2.            A two-thirds majority of those present at the meeting is required to change this Constitution and bylaws, provided a quorum is present (20 persons).



3.         The notification of the membership of meetings and amendments shall be by the posting    of notices at the courts, mail or email as considered appropriate by the Executive











Appendix “A”


Court Rules and Etiquette


  1. Proper court attire shall be worn.  (running shoes, shirts, etc.)
  2. Please be respectful of other players (no profanity)
  3. Please check your annual calendar for court usage, to be aware of scheduled league and interclub play times.
  4. Playing time is available at 30 minute intervals with changes on the hour or half hours when members are waiting. (i.e. Arrival at 8:20 – you can play at 9:00)
  5. Junior play will be available before 7:00 p.m. on league evenings unless involved in league play.
  6. Please wait until play stops before crossing behind courts.
  7. Please return balls to other courts between play.





Appendix “B”




      1.  General: Ensure the Club achieves its purpose as described in the Constitution. Assist other Club officers in the achievement of their duties. Ensure the Executive works   together for the benefit of the Club and the enjoyment of all. Celebrate successes.

2.   Obtain volunteer members to fill all Executive positions.

3.   Provide a budget estimate at the beginning of year for the President’s activities (e.g. meeting refreshments).

4.   Chair Executive meetings and General meetings.

5.   Plan meeting agendas, and distribute through Secretary.

6.   Review minutes before distribution by the Secretary.

7.   Represent ATC at any external meeting.

8.   Co-sign cheques for authorized expenses on behalf of the Club.

9.   Negotiate and sign any contracts, as authorized by the Executive

10. Approve content of Newsletter before printing. Approve content of web-site.

      11. Ensure that bulletin boards are up to date.

      12. May delegate any of the above, other than signing of documents.






1.   General: Provides agenda and minutes of Executive and General meetings. Assists other officers with communication and other requirements.

2.   Provide a budget estimate at the beginning of the year for the Secretary’s own activities (e.g. postage, stationery).

3.   Record, and distribute meeting minutes, to all Executive members. (minutes to be reviewed with President before distribution.) Minutes to be distributed within 7 days after a meeting.

4.   Distribute meeting agenda to attendees for Executive and General meetings.

5.   Obtain lists of other Ajax tennis club executives and distribute to ATC Executive members.

6.   Organize the AGM, book meeting facilities and advise all members of time and place.

7.   Assist Membership Director in planning Registration Day(s) and book the Facilities if requested by the Membership Director.



1.   General: The Treasurer oversees and reports on all expenditures, revenues, financial accounts and assets of the Club. Signing of cheques is done jointly by the Treasurer and one other signing officer.

2.   Provide a budget estimate at the beginning of the year for the Treasurer’s activities.

3.   With input from the other Officers of the Club, prepare a budget of estimated revenues and expenses for the year.

4.   Facilitate transfer of authority for banking transactions (cheque signing etc.) from previous Club officers to current Club officers. Remain available to perform this function as the outgoing Treasurer.

5.   Prepare cheques in payment of authorized expenses. Obtain and file the vendor receipt for all expense items paid.

6.   Provide a written statement at each Executive meeting, showing details of all receipts, disbursements and outstanding expenses with net cash and bank balances in current and savings accounts.

7.    Present a year end financial statement at the Annual General Meeting.

8.    Submit all Club financial books and accounts to a financial review



1    General: Co-ordinate all activities having to do with membership registrations and membership information required by Club. Collect registration fees for memberships, leagues and pro lessons from registrants and forward to the Treasurer with a detailed report after each “registration day” and monthly thereafter.

2    Provide a budget estimate to the Treasurer at the beginning of the year.

3    Inform Executive of registration drive plans, such as: colours of toe tags, marketing, registration walk—in dates and registration mailer requirements.

4    Ensure toe—tags are ordered, book recreation centre, assemble and produce registration forms and hand outs for walk—in and mailers. Publicize and organize membership drive and “registration days” (definition of “registration day”):

a)   Confirm with the Secretary that suitable membership registration facilities have been booked.

b)   Advertise in newspapers, TV, (e.g. cable 10), post signs at the courts and the local area prior to registration.

c)   Mail registration package to previous members (1 — 2 years).

d)   Obtain membership and lesson forms, tags, cash float for registration time.

5    Generate list of members names, addresses, phone numbers, leagues and lessons and distribute to appropriate officers, on a need—to-know basis. These would be sub lists derived from the master list.

6    Report membership status at each meeting. (Counts of total membership, revenue passed to Treasurer, any revenues on hand, count of registrations for each league and activity.

7    Book facilities for registration day(s). Co-ordinate with Secretary.